About Us

C&B Outdoor was founded in 2020 by two full-time college students, Lucas Cunningham and Samuel Bates. The pair of entrepreneurs started their careers in the landscape industry with the creation of Cunningham and Bates Landscape Services. Despite finding success in their first business, they had the desire to do something more. From a dream to create something that could reach a larger audience and inspire people through every purchase, C&B Outdoor was born. Lucas and Samuel are equally dedicated to providing their customers with quality products and helping the environment through their promise to donate a portion of each purchase to 1% for the Planet.

From the beginning of the development of our brand, our founders knew they wanted to create a community of ‘go-getters’ who are freethinkers and are not constricted by societal norms. That is exactly what C&B Outdoor represents today. Our mission is to provide a durable product line suitable for individuals who share a passion for experiencing and exploring the outdoors. Beyond that, we believe that everyone should be able to be themselves freely, no matter the time and place. This is what guides our vision. We want to motivate people to push themselves past the boundaries that may be keeping them from living their life to the fullest. Our core values of Authenticity, Accountability, and Awareness reflect our promise to encourage our customers to be true to themselves, to represent ourselves transparently, and to use our resources to make a positive impact on the world around us. Free Your Journey is our motto. These three words embody our company’s mission, vision, and values. Free Your Journey means we encourage our customers to be the best versions of themselves, to work toward achieving their dreams, and to support others while they’re doing the same.